Art Direction
Motion Design

Ray the Tall One is a Shoot stylist and Art Director working in the food and product space. Through food styling, he found the perfect way to apply his design sensibilities and experimental nature to cooking and recipe building.

Ray has always been known as 'the tall one', a proud personal descriptor that was brought out in the logo and brand. Height has been accentuated in all of the brand touch points, with vertical lines, elongated elements and visual flows that lead the eye up and down the page.

The visual design system takes a back seat to Ray's meticulous approach to the mise en scène and prop styling seen in his work. The typography and brand elements are minimalist, yet clean and refined to further position Ray as an expert in the field with over 8 years of experience. The final touch is Ray's custom acrylic business cards, (all his suggestion, bravo) an impactful keepsake and one that embodies his passion for materials, texture and experimentation.