Grafik Paragraph
An animated 3D object with moving text "Monish Khara"
By Monish Khara
Work by DIA
Squarespace 2019 Brand Refresh
Thinking Outside The Square

Now a website building behemoth, Squarespace has come a long way from its humble beginnings in founder Anthony Casalena's dorm room in 2003.

The creative department boasts an award-winning team and body of work with which the brand has used to expand its visual identity. The latest to this expansion is the kinetic brand guidelines conceived by DIA studio.

DIA has brought to life the literal embodiment of the 'Square' in Squarespace. Taking inspiration from Squarespace's New York roots and it's brand typeface 'Clarkson', DIA has taken the brand's black and white aesthetic and used a rotating square as the basis of its kinetic language. The resulting polish has a cohesive look and feel, with optical illusion elements and photographic applications.

The brand uses the idea of the square not only in its name, but as a visual reference to the shape of websites and screens. This square motif is cleverly built upon and hijacked in this work through kinesis provides an immediately relevant metaphoric connection between the graphic look and actual service/product of Squarespace as well as the brand name.