Monish Khara is a Graphic and Motion Designer based in New York City who specializes in creating distinct graphics and dynamic motion for brands and creatives.

On my days off you can find me nerding out over a type book, listening to some dub techno or eating ramen for breakfast.

An animated 3D object with moving text "Monish Khara"
A portrait photograph of Graphic Designer Monish Khara

The power of a unified story

A brand with a unified story becomes a steward of authenticity, one that can engender trust from its community and loyalty from its fans.

To realize your brand's message I work to combine distinct design on a foundation of sound strategy; brought to life through animation.



Using a strategic framework known as CORE, we work to uncover your business goals whilst exploring your industries competitive landscape and customer demographics. The goal of this process is to align your brand's purpose and personality to a unified story.



In an era of abundance and automation, a distinct design becomes the beacon for your brand to enchant its customers. Through an iterative process I work to seek connections, context and leverage relevant to the design of your brand.



Motion can weave narratives that are concise and engaging, bringing a vibrance and clarity unmatched by other mediums. It can extend a brands visual language and connect more authentically with audiences through the power of visual storytelling.

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